The faithful will need to attend BOTH a Fourth Sunday of Advent Mass (Dec 23/24) AND a Christmas Mass (Dec 24/25). A single Mass on Dec 24 does not fulfill both obligations.
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Worship Ministries


Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir sings at the 11 a.m. Mass on Sundays throughout the year, as well as for special celebrations in the liturgical life of the parish. Composed of a diverse spectrum of the parish, the Chancel Choir focuses on an array of liturgical music that spans the breadth of our Catholic musical tradition.
Bill Toler, (440) 871-1100

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are men and women of the parish who assist the celebrant in the distribution of Communion during the daily and Sunday liturgies. They also bring the Eucharist to the sick and homebound.
Linda Naughton, (440) 835-5844
Dr Andy Kereky, 440 871 1100


The Marthas are a dedicated group of men & women who care for the sacristy needs. Their duties consist of cleaning, laundry, sewing, decorating and set up of weekend Masses, Confirmation, First Communion, Anointing of the Sick, funerals and all liturgical functions.
Candy Reese, (440) 871-1100

Altar Servers - Youth

Youth (6th-12th Grade)
Our altar servers assist the Celebrant in liturgical celebrations. Students that are in sixth grade and higher are eligible to serve in this ministry. 
Fr. Eric Garris, (440) 871-1100


(Adults and 8th-12th Grade Youth)
Ushers are men and women of the parish who serve by assisting those attending Mass. Duties include: choosing parishioners to bring up the offertory gifts, collections, facilitating the distribution of Communion and distributing the bulletins after Mass.
Al Soltis, (440) 871-0981


Evening Prayer

The Liturgy of the Hours

Evening Prayer is offered every Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM in the Church. We welcome all to come and share Evening Prayer. If you don’t have The Liturgy of the Hours book or aren’t familiar don’t worry, just come. We’ll be happy to share and teach you Evening Prayer.
Deacon Larry Gregg, (440) 892-9828


(Adults and 8th-12th Grade Youth)
Lectors are charged with proclaiming the Word of God during Mass. It is also the duty of the lector to read the petitions at Mass and to inform fellow parishioners of any parish announcements prior to the start of Mass. 
Dr Andy Kereky, (440) 871-1100


The Sacristans Ministry involves preparing, purifying and storing sacred vessels used for liturgy. They set up for Mass and other liturgical celebrations.
Judy Dunchack, (440) 331-4476

Altar Servers Adult

Our adult altar servers assist the Celebrant in liturgical celebrations. Adults may be altar servers at funeral liturgies. If interested, please call the Parish Office 440-871-1100.



This ministry assists in the coordination of weddings including performing the rehearsal and wedding day support.  Dr. Andy Kereky,(440) 871-1100



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